Julie Hawkes

Create Positive Emotions, Manage Difficult Emotions

Each card has an affirmation, an action step, and a journal prompt. 

These cards are designed to create awareness, help you manage your emotions, and establish new habits and thinking patterns.

You can choose one card per day or one card per week; or whatever works for you.  

Emotion Cards

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Variety of Uses!

Use as a family- keep them in the car and talk about emotions while you drive. 

Take a 5 min break at work and pull a card.

Use as part of your morning routine. 

When you are upset, find the card that fits.

Works with Children!

Teaching our children how to manage their emotions can be tricky but is so important.

The suggestions on the cards are simple and straightforward. Anyone can do them!

Plus the journal prompts are a fantastic way to have a more meaningful conversation with your child about how they are really feeling.  

These cards will help you:

Feel more calm, more clarity and more peace.

Have better relationships.

Get more done.

Feel more present in your life. 

Worry less.

What customers are saying:

“Julie’s emotion cards are amazing! I love them so much. I use them all the time. On my clients, family and myself. They are such a quick and convenient way to identify an emotion that is keeping you stuck or a positive emotion you need to integrate. They all include an affirmation that ties in with the emotion perfectly as well as an action step and journal prompt. They are by far my favorite tool I use.”

-Tiffany Onweugbu

"I LOVE using your emotion cards with my clients to find emotions that need to be released and others to be integrated. The reframes are right there!"

-Julie Cluff