Julie Hawkes

How strong are your energetic boundaries?

Energetic Boundaries are the boundaries you can't see, but tell people how to treat you and what experiences and opportunities you are open to.

3 Simple Ways to Get Answers from the Scriptures

What if there were simple ways to make sense of what you are reading in the scriptures, to connect yourself to God, and get the answers you are looking for?

How Can I Help You?

Monthly Membership

Bundles of Inspirations is a platform to transform overwhelm to peace, conquer self-doubt, learn exceptional self-acceptance and create a life you love! Each month includes new content and energy work.


Individual Work

Working with Julie individually and as you apply divine patterns to change your thinking and habits, the results will be fearless courage, a heart filled with joy and stillness, and life surrounded by love and connection.


Spiritual Gifts

A collection of your divinely given gifts including any blocks or warnings associated with those gifts and specific steps you can take to grow them.

Each session includes gifts, talents and attributes that are relevant to your life right now.


Julie has helped clients in over 4,000 Private Sessions and 300+ Group Sessions

"Julie has the ability to truly feel the struggles you have, analyze them thoughtfully and give you actual advice and “homework”. Knowing I had something to consciously work on each week made me feel like I was getting so much value in each session. I feel light again. I feel excitement for life, my relationships, my health, my business. I feel pretty limitless honestly."

- Alexx A.

"Julie is a gifted healer. I have been working with Julie and it has changed my life for the better. After 20 years of blocking a huge emotion, Julie was able to find it and help me through it. People are noticing my glow and smile again, thanks to Julie."

- Cassandra S.

"Julie has been a complete Angel to work with. We look at the hard stuff along with the good. She incorporates business strategies along with self growth and relationships. We continue to clear energy weekly that helps me find the path to my truest inner self. I can say working with her has been a huge positive impact on my life and the way I feel day to day."

- Andrea F.

Welcome to Life Balance! 

Hi I'm Julie and I'm so happy you are here!  I am a Christian mentor, speaker, and energy coach.

When I first learned how to do energy work I was only going to work on my family.  But I got the chance to help a friend (I'm not going to lie, I was scared to death to work on other people).  
When I saw how energy work fundamentally changed his life I became overwhelmed with the desire to help more people. 
I have a gift for finding what is keeping you afraid and in pain, and I am passionate about helping you reconnect to your heart, and love your life again.  

I have helped clients in over 4,000 Private Sessions and 300+ Group Sessions! 

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How Much Do You Care About What Other People Think?

Caring too much about what other people think can cause a lot of pain and trouble in your life. Find out how much you're influenced by others.

How Powerful is Your Intuition?

Do you ever doubt the answers you receive? Would you like to know what your personal block is to getting more clear answers?


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