Julie Hawkes

Hi I'm Julie!

Are you ready to feel God's love at a deeper level, receive clear answers, and be confident in who you are?聽

Are you tired of overanalyzing and overthinking? Do you sometimes feel like you will never be enough to reach your goals and that everything seems just out of reach? Are you tired of doubting yourself?聽

If this is you, I can help.聽聽

I love helping people make peace with their past, have more meaningful relationships, and feel confident in the answers they receive and the decisions they make.聽 聽

Since I started my business in 2016 I have spent thousands of hours in one on one sessions helping people let go of old pain and embrace new thinking patterns and new results.聽聽

I know what works and what doesn't.

And I know how to help you get unstuck.聽

Are you ready for a change?

Energy Work aligns your body & spirit


How would it feel to be true to yourself and love who you are?聽

It takes doing something different to create a new result.聽聽

I have helped hundreds of people just like you learn new ways to think, create new habits, and build connections that last a lifetime.聽

I will walk you step by step through simple, everyday tools that you can do anywhere, anytime to create more self-confidence, clarity and peace.聽

Sometimes all you need is a little encouragement and a road map to feel God's love, receive clear answers, and be confident in who you really are.聽

It's time.聽

You are here for a reason and I can help.聽聽

路 Trust yourself more and the decisions you make.聽

路 Strengthen family connections and have more meaningful relationships.

路 Create more clarity in your path and purpose.聽

路 Become mentally and emotionally stronger.聽

路 Build more peace and self-confidence.聽

How Can I Help You?

Monthly Membership

Bundles of Inspirations is a platform to transform overwhelm to peace, conquer self-doubt, learn exceptional self-acceptance and create a life you love! Each month includes new content and energy work.

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Group Programs

Abundance Blueprint

In this group setting you will learn specific Universal Laws as found in the scriptures and how following those laws brings abundance and peace.

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Individual Work

Working with Julie individually and as you apply divine patterns to change your thinking and habits, the results will be fearless courage, a heart filled with joy and stillness, and life surrounded by love and connection.

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Spiritual Gifts

A collection of your divinely given gifts including any blocks or warnings associated with those gifts and specific steps you can take to grow them.

Each session includes gifts, talents and attributes that are relevant to your life right now.

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About Me

  • I met my husband at the local grocery store and we were tricked into going out. 
  • I am most proud of my kids and the amazing people they turned out to be. 
  • I love mountain biking and going out to lunch with friends. 
  • I have a messy desk and I talk too fast. 
  • I love talking to people and hearing their stories.  Everyone has miracles in their lives and I love hearing about them. 
  • I have never eaten a piece of fish I didn't like. 
  • I love music and classes at the gym. 
  • I love to teach and speak; especially on the spur of the moment. 


Body Code Trained

Deep Emotional Release (DER) Trained

Divine Laws and Inspiration Trained