Julie Hawkes

Personal Sessions with Julie

Do you feel like you have lost who you really are?

Our identities unravel in our painful experiences. Then we redefine ourselves based on what other people think, past trauma, and doing whatever it takes to feel safe. In the process, we lose who we are and our enthusiasm for life. We forget our gifts and talents. We feel depleted, distracted and discouraged. 


Hi I'm Julie!

I have a gift for finding what is keeping you afraid and in pain. I am passionate about helping you reconnect to your heart, and love your life again.

We will begin by identifying your specific patterns of pain at the deepest roots that are keeping you stuck in overwhelm and self-sabotage.  

Once the imbalances, emotions, and limiting beliefs are uncovered, I help you gently release them so you can finally let go. 

Then you are given simple, specific tools to help you change your thinking and your habits so that you can create long lasting change. 


Are you ready to be the person you were always meant to be?

Working with Julie you’ll learn how to:

  • Connect you to yourself, to God and with your loved ones.
  • Become authentically you.
  • Take powerful action to create miracles and live the life you always dreamed of. 
  • Reconnect to God to feel His love and receive more clear answers. 
Yes! I'm ready!


Working with Julie is for you if:

  • You are ready for advanced work that will accelerate your healing. 
  • You long for a deeper connection to God. 
  • You know you need to be more kind to yourself but you don't know how.
  • You are tired of trying to be perfect to earn love and prove your worth. 
  • You long to feel powerful, confident and passionate about life again. 

What you can look forward to after working with Julie:

  • Less anxiety, more peace. 
  • More motivation, it's easier to do the things you know will help you feel better. 
  • More clarity and ability to follow your intuition and hear what God is telling you. 
  • More confidence in yourself and courage to go after what you want. 
  • More connection and deeper emotional bonds in your relationships.
I want this!

What clients are saying...

"Julie is a gifted healer. I have been working with Julie and it has changed my life for the better. After 20 years of blocking a huge emotion, Julie was able to find it and help me through it. People are noticing my glow and smile again, thanks to Julie."

Cassandra Stewart

"I couldn't wait to thank you for all you have taught me! I feel like I have grown so much. I'm learning so much. I'm receiving more. Or maybe I'm just understanding what I'm receiving better now. With all I've learned from you, Heavenly Father was able to teach me so much yesterday! And I am so so grateful! More than I could possibly put into words! Thank you again so much! I have so much love for you!"

Shawn Fatheringham

"Thank you for keeping me in touch with your poignant insight and impactful training and materials. You helped me uncover one of the big nuggets I hadn't uncovered yet along my long journey against addiction, low self worth, depression and anxiety... You helped open that door. I just wanted to tell you thank you, you have made such a positive impact on me and I know many many others, and that you have a special gift...a beautiful gift. Thank you for what you do. Thank you again and God bless you!"


Pick the best option for you!

Intro Session

$150/ 1 hr

  • For new clients.
  • Tackle your biggest limiting belief.
  • 3 steps to get unstuck.  


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Regular Session

$187/ 1 hr

  • Identify specific patterns and pain at the deepest root.
  • Release imbalances and limiting beliefs.
  • Steps and tools to help you change your thinking and your habits.
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Group of Sessions



Program Options include:

  • Divine Identity
  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Creating Abundance
  • Processing Grief
  • A specific problem or goal you would like to work on

Contact Julie at (208) 206-6669 to set up