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Bundles of Inspiration

Are you ready to consistently release, reset and restore your energy?

Bundles of Inspiration is a monthly platform to transform overwhelm to peace, to conquer self-doubt, and build powerful self-confidence. 

You can create an intimate relationship with God so that you can get clear answers and love who you really are.  

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What members are saying...

"All of the self help you could ever ask for is always at your fingertips 24 hrs a day. A quick meditation or an energy session can be what shifts your day to the positive."

Rhonda Hendershott

"Bundles is a way to improve ourselves and our lives. When we are better versions of ourselves our family is happier and people love being around us."

Christine Wesemann

"The calls are my favorite. It amazes me that I get messages and ideas of what I need to do, even on the calls that I feel aren't for me. The notes and content really gives me ideas to think about and ponder."

Pam Peterson


How would it feel to be true to yourself and love who you are?

Does this sound familiar?

You are so busy taking care of everyone and everything that you have lost who you are and what you love?

Past painful experiences keep sneaking up on you, leaving you feeling upset, emotional and agitated? 

You find yourself looking for external validation and defining yourself based on what other people think, how you look and what you accomplish?

You really want to feel God’s love and get clear answers, but it feels like your prayers bounce off the ceiling.

And when the answers come you aren’t sure if it’s really an answer or if you are just telling yourself what you want to hear?  

I am ready for a change!

What would it be like to:

  • Trust yourself more and the decisions that you make.
  • Know and love who you really are.
  • Feel more confident, calm and content.
  • Know how to create deeper, more connected relationships with yourself and those you love. 
  • Receive consistent answers from God and feel sure about their message.
  • Create a more intimate relationship with God so you can feel more peace and joy.
Love! I want it!

When you join Bundles of Inspiration you can transform your life.

What is Included with Bundles:

  • 3 Live coaching calls each month, always recorded $300
  • Guided meditations for every situation $700
  • Anonymous help with "Ask a Coach" feature $150
  • Monthly Journal prompts and affirmations $150
  • A community of people to grow and connect with $500
  • Weekly challenges to keep you inspired and accountable $100
  • A library of bonus material and energy work sessions $3000 
  • Total Value   $4,900     $49/mo

Some of the class topics we have covered:

  • How to Deal with Difficult People
  • Why we Don't Set Boundaries and How we Can
  • Create Abundance, Manifest your Dreams
  • How to Have Fun Again
  • Conquer the Clutter

A little about me:

21 years ago my life fell apart. I couldn’t take care of my children, or myself because my anxiety was so overwhelming. I figured that if I could just do everything “right” that I would be “good” and loved. But I couldn’t. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks.  

I started medication and therapy. They helped stabilize me but I still struggled. A lot. I was functioning, but just barely. No matter how hard I tried, I was never going to be “perfect enough.”

However, perfectionism mocks Jesus’s Atonement and His love for us. 

If we are “perfect” what do we need Him for? 

In therapy and through study I learned a lot of tools that helped me. I learned to listen to, and rely on God at a deeper level than ever before. I learned to feel His love. 

I found peace and healing. 

Now I AM PASSIONATE about helping others so they don’t have to suffer like I did. 

So they know there is hope, and help, and happiness ahead. 

One day I was pondering on how I could help more people get access to energy work when they need it most and I got an idea.  

What if there was a way to get energy work at the click of a button, when you needed it? And it was inexpensive? That is how Bundles of Inspiration was born.

Here is a little secret...

Invest in yourself. In your mind. In learning the skills that will help you create a life you love!

Commit to learning and implementing the tools and skills that will not only change yourself for the better, but your family too!

No other program combines transformational mindset tools and energy work that walks with you step by step, day by day until you have created a life filled with self- love and peace. 

I am a certified energy coach and change expert. I have helped hundreds of women change their lives, have better relationships, more money, and more peace. 

I have spent thousands of hours one on one in sessions with people just like you and I know what works and what doesn’t. I know how to help you create a life you love. 

I have taken the best of the best


Start Bundles Today!

What members are saying...


"I love the name – Bundles of inspiration as it truly is ‘bundles’. It is large scale. Nothing small or puny about this program. I’ve received a butt load of goodness and information.

This is the jackpot! Julie has created a system, complimentary to God’s work, to help each one of us draw closer to Christ, as we put the past in the past, live with more peace and clarity, all while becoming truer to our divine potential. Highly recommend, two thumbs up!"

Julie Wolf


"I am becoming more self-confident and more aware of what I am thinking, feeling and saying every moment of every day. This has all been so very helpful.

My favorite thing about it all, is I have access to it 24/7. I love how there are several different parts and pieces so no matter what it is I am looking for I can find a piece to help me raise my vibration."

Tera Moody

"Julie has made it affordable for us to be able to break down our emotions on a daily basis with just a click of a mouse.  

You no longer have to do the guessing work. You just have to take 10-15min. to read to find which best fits your current emotional needs and click, you have several ways to resolve your issues.

Definitely take the chance on yourself! In the past, I was the person who was last to be fixed or taken care of my needs, it was my family first, until I could no longer take care of myself.

Don't wait, like I did. Give Bundles a try, I promise you will not be disappointed."

Cassandra Stewart

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It’s time to transform overwhelm to peace, conquer self-doubt, and create an intimate relationship with God so that you can get clear answers and know and love who you really are

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